More than 7 million seniors in the United States suffer from mental decline that threatens financial skills

By Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter (health day) MONDAY, Sept. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) — As Americans age, millions end up suffering from dementia or some level of memory impairment and a diminished ability to think clearly and make decisions. after a New study He says that despite these serious challenges, many older adults continue to … Read more

Why choline belongs in a brain friendly diet

If you’re eating for brain health, your regular menu will likely be home to polyphenol-packed berries, lutein-rich leafy greens, and omega-3 oily fish. But your list may be missing foods rich in choline, such as soybeans, eggs, red potatoes, and beans. Adequate intake of a B vitamin that is similar to B vitamins is associated … Read more

MUSC’s 6th Annual Inclusion of Innovation Summit to Showcase Three National Powers of DEI | catch

Charleston, South Carolina (September 19, 2022) –The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) will host its sixth annual Inclusion Conference on Innovation Summit around November 7, and the summit, designed to be a forum for honest and challenging conversations about inclusion and innovation, will feature a major lineup that includes Christopher King, Ph.D.; Robin D’Angelo, … Read more

Biden and world leaders attend state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II

CNN – US President Joe Biden On Monday he joined a long list of world leaders to The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Inside London’s Westminster Abbey, where the entire royal festival was shown to honor a king whose rule has extended Seven decades. World leaders, dignitaries, politicians, public figures and the European royal … Read more

Exclusive, India’s largest lender asks exporters to trade with Bangladesh in rupees and taka

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – State Bank of India is the largest lender (SBI.NS) It has asked exporters to avoid settling deals with Bangladesh in dollars and other major currencies as it seeks to limit exposure to Dhaka’s declining reserves, according to an internal document and a source. Bangladesh’s $416 billion economy is grappling with rising … Read more

Why stock market bears are eyeing June lows after S&P 500 dips below 3900

There is something special about the 3900 level and the S&P 500. On Friday, the index finished below the crucial chart support level that has served as a battleground in recent years, leading technical analysts to warn of a possible test of stock market lows in June. “Over the past three years, at the level … Read more

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Dividend Reinvestment Programs | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Adam Levy) Reinvesting your earnings to keep your portfolio growing is always a smart move. That’s why many dividend stocks offer dividend reinvestment programs, or DRIPs, that automatically reinvest your dividends into more company stock. Many brokers have made it easy to set up automatic dividend reinvestments for your shares as well. But dividend reinvestment … Read more

These Latinas helped create 5,000 small businesses in Utah – most of which are minority owned

The President and CEO of the Suazo Business Center, Silvia Castro, left, and the founder of the Center, Gladys Gonzalez. Through their work with the Suazo Business Center, the two women have helped about 5,000 small businesses in Utah. (Courtesy of Silvia Castro and Gladys Gonzalez) Estimated reading time: 8-9 minutes West Valley – The … Read more