Chuck Bailey of Covenant: Steve DiGiorgio ‘wouldn’t have stayed’ for long as a member of MEGADETH

certificate‘s Chuck Bailey He says he doesn’t think Steve DiGiorgio He “could have lasted” as long as a member of Mega Was he asked to join the band?

long time certificate The bass player pauses to record bass tracks Megahis last album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”in the summer of 2021, shortly after the exit David Elefson. with kick off Megahis last round, Mega University graduate James Lomenzo he returned to Mega The family as a permanent bass player.

Billy discuss DigiorgioInvolved with the new Mega During his appearance on September 13 on SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”. He asked if he was worried about that certificate She may lose her bus operator to MegaAnd the chuck He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, of course. We’re always worried that…we’ve made a lot of lineup changes, and it won’t bother us. But SteveAn important part of the band; He was a great addition when he came back. And we’ve been through a lot together personally. So, of course, when you get the chance to play it, I’m sure they’d flirt with him to join the band. I’m glad he made the decision to stay with us.”

Billy He continued, “I think his intentions were always just, ‘I’m going to set the record,’ because that’s what happens.” Steve does – plays on Many People albums. So we took it that way at first. And I thought, “That’s what he does.” ‘Go for it, Steve. Just don’t leave. [Laughs] And I’m sure they asked him to join the band. And he decided, “You know, I’ve been with my brothers here for a long time. I will stay with my brothers.”

according to chuckAnd the Mega drummer Dirk Fairbourne “He had a huge impact Steve” The Mega gig recording because Dirk He’s really good friends Steve They have done a lot of projects together. “However , Billy He added that he does not “think personally Steve He was going to continue in the band. I know Steve very good i know Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH leader] So good, I’m sure the two worlds would have collide,” chuck He said with a laugh.

Last month , mustine Discuss his decision to hire Digiorgio To put bus tracks on it “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” while appearing on full metal jackieNational Joint Radio Program. He was asked what he valued more Digiorgio And the Lomenzo musically and synthesizing, mustine He said, “I think they both are really fun to be around. Even though I didn’t know Steve DiGiorgio as far as i know James LomenzoI found it just as fun as being around it mosques I was.”

In reference to the fact that Elefson He was expelled from the band in May 2021, just days after posting sexually tainted messages and explicit video footage involving the bassist. TwitterAnd the mustine He said, “I think the band and everyone connected to us, that period we went through was a bit sensitive. So we wanted to do the right thing. And trying to find a replacement for anyone, I think, wasn’t the right thing to do at the time because no Nobody really knows all the facts and I definitely didn’t want to hunt anyone down. Not from certificate – They are my friends – and I don’t think of anyone else.

mustinewho was a member of Metallica For 11 months before he was fired in 1983, he continued, “As big as Steve Ho, I remember how I felt when we were [METALLICA] go up and climb cliff [Burton] From shock. I mean, granted, the band shock It wasn’t good, but there were still guys in the band and their lives changed when that happened.

“I tend to think that… you have to ask yourself, ‘Did he jump or was he pushed?’” “And I would make sure, if I were to hire someone, I didn’t steal it from anyone.”

Digiorgio He is widely known as a pioneer of bass fretboard in heavy metal music, having played with him certificateAnd the the death And the Sadnes, among other things. Within this type, Steve He is respected for his amazing playing skills, versatility and techniques. He has over 40 studio album recordings and over 20 years of touring around the world.

Two years ago, Billy touched on some of the frictions that existed between TESTAMENT and MEGADETH on his band’s first-ever US tour, which took place in 1990, with Priest Judas As the main title and Mega as additional support. In an interview with machine head confrontation leader Rob Flynn‘s “No Regret Fokin’ With Rob Flynn” audio notation, Billy He said: “About a priest On the tour, we decided we were going to spend some time in production. We bought a great, great set of Voelker Rack. We bought two new scrims, a whole back line – the whole deal. Nice looking display. And we get to the premiere, and Dave Mustaine He sees us getting it, and says we can’t use it. [So] We had a little problem the first week of the tour.”

And he continued, “I was pissed, because we just cashed in all that money, and those were the days when there were hand-drawn wallpapers—these wallpapers were 15, 20,000; they weren’t cheap then. So we were, like, we’re going out for acting.” a priest Round the squares, man. We go out. But Dave He threw his weight and said we can’t use all the new things. So for the first week, we were, like tails between our legs, playing. And all the men in our squad said,chuckLooks like you two are friends [JUDAS PRIEST singer] rob [Halford]. Get in there and tell him. He keeps telling you, “If you need anything, just ask.” go there.’ And I had it. I said: You know? Will.’ So, I went there. Three or four days have passed since the tour. I go in [PRIEST] dressing room. I said hello, rob. Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you.’ I go, I don’t know who to talk to, but I’ll get back to you. And if this is the decision of your comrades, then I am with it, but I thought I would bring it up. We bought all these things for this tour to make a beautiful presentation, and Mega The guy says we can’t play, “because they said you guys wouldn’t let us use it.” And he was saying ‘What? Who said that?’ There, he went and brought his tour director and said, “Come in here.” [Rob] He said: Do you know anything about this? Don’t let them certificate Do they use their equipment? [The tour manager] says no.’ And the [Rob] He says, “Make sure tonight they’ll get the damn equipment there.” So we had a full show. And who comes aside to watch the show? go there Mr. Mustaine. Mr. Mustaine Standing there, just angry – he just had that look. And we were just looking, like, ‘Oh, yeah. Oh yeah,’ Dave“.We were wearing it and throwing it in. And that’s how that tour began.”

Billy And he added, “This was, like, our first step into the arena: ‘Oh, man. Maybe we do. We do it.” And to get closure the first time, we weren’t up against it.”

according to chuckIt was a ‘fantastic’ experience walking around with it a priest for the first time. He said, “They would always come into the dressing room, every day, and say, ‘How are you guys doing? Are you guys okay? Do you guys need anything? And we were too shy to ask. We found out that they really were who they are. They went ahead and made it, and we had the full show for the rest of the tour, man – and [full] It seems at that point, too.”

at the time of certificatefirst tour with Priest JudasAnd the Billy And his bandmates were on their way to support their fourth album, “Black Souls”which was written and recorded over a period of several weeks in the early 1990’s.

certificatehis last album, “The Titans of Creation”released in April 2020 via nuclear explosion.

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