opinion | QAnon’s song in Trump’s crowd isn’t the only plot he sings

At a Trump rally in Ohio on Saturday, the former president closed his speech to the tunes of a melody widely associated with the QAnon conspiracy movement, which states that the government is run by a secretive gang of diabolical demons.

Collectively, members of the public as a whole They extended their right arms They pointed with their index finger that Trump announced they were “one move,” apparently echoing the name of the song they were hearing, “WWG1WGA” — short for QAnon’s slogan “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Trump was I used the same song Earlier at a rally in Pennsylvania and in a campaign video. He reposted a photo of himself on his social networking site wearing a “Q” lapel pin under the QAnon tagline, “The Storm Is Coming” – one of dozens of QAnon-themed posts he’s made recently.

He continues to do so despite clear evidence that paranoid madness (QAnon’s fantasy ends up executing Trump opponents) inspires violence. In Michigan this month, man He was allegedly shot dead His wife, dog and daughter were injured. Another daughter Detroit News said that her father’s mental health had deteriorated as he indulged more in “crazy thoughts”, including Qunun, since the 2020 election.

In Pennsylvania a few days later, a man in a clown wig took a loaded gun to the Dairy Queen, then He told the police He was armed to “kill Democrats and Liberals” and “turn Trump back to the King”. The Facebook account that appeared to belong to the man was mired in Qunun’s frenzy.

Trump’s spokesperson confirmed that the rally tune (which triggered a one-finger salute) wasn’t QAnon’s “WWG1WGA” – but rather a different song entirely. Happens to look just like him.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter what tune Trump uses. He sings the lyrics of QAnon – and the Republicans from MAGA endorse him in a four-part harmony.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who was believed by some to offer a Republican alternative to Trumpism, is heading to Arizona next month to campaign for GOP candidate Carrie Lake, one of the country’s most vocal election deniers. In the name of Alex Eisenstadt from Politico mentioned, Lake would be “the candidate most compatible with MAGA that Yongkin campaigned for.” Lake, in addition to referring to the 2020 election as the “Grand Theft,” did so link her campaign With QAnon’s leading figures and invited to imprison her opponent.

a new scan By The Post found that in the 19 most-watched races for Senate and state governors this year, 12 Republican candidates (including Lake) declined to say whether they would accept the election results. This shows that refusing to accept the will of the people is now a feature, not a mistake, of MAGA GOP.

After failing to make headlines by sending buses full of immigrants to Washington’s Union Station, Texas Governor Greg Abbott raised the bar for cruelty by dumping Confused immigrants in a residential neighborhood of the capital, near the house of the Vice President. Abbott’s fellow Republican, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stirred up inhumanity even more, taking in immigrants fleeing political oppression and economic desperation in Venezuela and airline To Martha’s Vineyard – Little did DeSantis know there was no safety net waiting for them.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News celebrate Immigrants humiliated in racist talk about “sweaty third world peasants” in “dirty work pants” who are having an “outdoor goat roast” on the island.

DeSantis does not limit his contempt to refugees from Venezuela’s dictatorship. He posted an ad for this month’s campaign featuring Reverend Larry Jenks, as the forward Jewish publication mentionedAnd the Spread Earlier this year “it is a disgrace that the Jews, who should know better, should reject their Messiah.” Jenks objected to interfaith peace and unity, saying that Jesus taught Christians “to be at odds with any religion that does not recognize Jesus.”

Not to be outdone, Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania, organized a rally With Texas evangelical leader Lance Wallnau, A They declared themselves Christian nationalists who cross A pro-Putin conspiracy beliefs.

Trump, even before the QAnon tune and salute at his Saturday rally, treated his fans with whole group From the concepts of delusional conspiracy.

“The FBI colluded with Russia.”

“We have a cognitively disabled president.”

“We won the election a lot.”

“They are spying on my campaign.”

Positively, everyone was plotting “the persecution of the Maga movement”. “deep country”. Prosecutors are “racists” (ie blacks). “Threat forces”. Notification of the “enemy of the people”. FBI agents who “break into” his house.

Trump told them that “a despicable group of globalists, socialists, and corrupt, power-hungry liberal extremists in Washington is waging war on the hardworking people of Ohio.” “…the greatest threat to us remains the sick, the bad and the bad from within our country.”

Qanoun, he’s playing your song.

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